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STD Inspirational Stories

I was 22 yrs when i 1st found out about my hsv status i did not relise the fullness of the satuation days after more as time goes by to a point with way i would just cry ....but for me its a more self thing for me because i dont have any break outs only the 1st time when i found out i was positive thats 8 years a go .relationship for me some i push away some i tell my satatus to

Advice to other members: For me everything normal is just that i know my satatus ....i find having some one to talk to is good when your not at your best


STD Treatment Stories

I contacted herpes 8 months ago from a single encounter. I used protection. I have just been through 6 months + of back to back O/B, with barely 2-3 days in between. I subsequently found out that the most likely cause for the high rate of O/B was the drug Lipitor, prescribed around the same time I contracted herpes. I have stopped taking Lipitor now for 4 weeks and have noticed a great improvement. I have also noticed that I get tingling sensations on my face, around the nose & forhead. Sometime my eyes get irritated and I can see......


STD Q & A (live counselor)

Q: I was diagnosed with hsv a couple months ago and am doing suppressive therapy. I started seeing a guy I once dated before. We've had sex a couple of times and it was painful, is this common?

A: Having pain during sexual intercourse usually isn't a symptom of herpes, unless the symptoms are active. Having intense sex could cause friction and irritate the skin. Therefore, sexual intercourse could actually contribute to genital herpes outbreaks and cause the symptoms of herpes to feel worse. 

If you don't have any active symptoms of herpes and if your taking medication the virus could be weak. If that's the case the virus is much less likely to spread. Using a lubricated condom could reduce friction from sex. Remember to always inspect a condom before use. In rare cases condoms could be defective. If you have another question let me know.